Friday 8 December 2006

Me, jabbering.

I've just noticed that the second part of the interview I did for the Australian Sci-fi radio show, Faster Than Light has been online for a whole week. My Fate of the Artist is discussed, with particular attention to Hayley Campbell's exclamation, "I've had enough a this family Christmas koombayah bullshit!!", which I think interviewer Grant Stone has made his personal catchphrase.The first part is accessible from the same page, if you missed it. That's November 20 and 27. it amounts to thirty one minutes total. I don't think anything was cut. Even when i stop and fart about while a truck goes past, it's all left in. it's like you're visiting my house. But when I listen to myself jabbering I always focus on the spot where I've missed an obvious punchline. After talking about 'Angry Cook', I say something to the effect of, but then we leave home and look back on it and regret all the time we spent being angry... and we start to see our parents as real people... what should come next is: "after a period of empathy, next thing we realize: we've become our parents."
That's all, folks. Half an hour of me, jabbering, is enough Eddie Campbell for one day.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Department of Take It How You Like:
On my bookshelf, which is eternally in need of weeding, I consider The Fate of the Artist to be the painted brick in your literary backyard.

A lovely read. It's rather weird (but admirable) how you manage to go 'round & 'round with yourself in TFotA and yet come out of it smelling of rosewater. It's almost as though you were never really editorializing the entire time. The miracles of fiction.

A sideways question, and maybe one you'd rather not answer: Do you plan to re-release (or at least fondly revisit) The Ghost in the Glass? Teddy did you proud with that, I thought...

8 December 2006 at 02:22:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"That's all, folks. Half an hour of me, jabbering, is enough Eddie Campbell for one day."

Probaby longer...

Ha ha.


8 December 2006 at 03:54:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Alex said...

"Family Christmas Koombayah bullshit" might as well be one of the brightest phrases in english language...

8 December 2006 at 06:27:00 GMT-5  
Blogger spacedlaw said...

Great catch phrase indeed and fun drawing !


8 December 2006 at 06:56:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it when you write about Scary. It makes me *very* happy.

8 December 2006 at 20:47:00 GMT-5  

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