Monday 23 April 2007

my best pal.

Photo of him taken yesterday by hayley campbell.

You may remember him from such books as
After the Snooter in which this scene occurred:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice shot! Is he also the one featured in The Fate, inside and back cover? Lucky you to have your pal still around..

23 April 2007 at 07:09:00 GMT-5  
Blogger spacedlaw said...

Won't your cat feel jealous ?

23 April 2007 at 08:54:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cat's probably still not on speaking terms since having the grass pulled out of its arse.

23 April 2007 at 20:29:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Eddie Campbell said...

yes, that is indeed Monty!

My pal Best is the one who is jealous. Just because his name is Best he thinks he is the best, so when he saw 'my best pal', and a picture of a dog, it came as a severe disappointment to him.

that was Yocky. he was named by our two year old who was trying to say 'socks' which was the cat's original name before it decided to come and live with us. he is now under the ground in our back yard with a little painted headstone. next to Puss, who also has a painted headstone.

we have another cat named Mango, King of the Pickles. Boots (the one in the sidebar) and Mango both appear as kittens in The Fate of the Artist. they were indoors then because they were tiny, but here we throw all the animals out of the house at night.


24 April 2007 at 19:19:00 GMT-5  

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