Tuesday 11 September 2007

Nicki Greenberg saw me off from Melbourne yesterday, and I arrive back in Brisbane to find that she's here too. Waddayaknow! this is from the Brisbane Courier Mail, tuesday. It's a tabloid sized paper, so this spread is the equivalent of an old broadside page, with colours and a photo, and not a single ad.

I heard this story on the taxi radio yesterday; it's online in a number of places. Study pits liberal brains against conservative brains. It interested me on account of all the stupid arguments I get into in spite of all I do to avoid them, about the naming of things (the 'graphic novel' etc.) I can't find a version that uses the quote exactly as I heard it, to the effect that conservatives demand rigid structures while "A higher tolerance of ambiguity and complexity is typical of people who are liberal. That’s not a surprise. It does, however, suggest there may be a hereditary and neurological basis..."



Blogger spacedlaw said...

A link that might interest you (or John Coulthart, or both of you, or none of you): a browser of - mostly - comics book covers.
Some great stuff.
some scary stuff too like the collection of worst ever LP covers.

Have fun with the festival.

11 September 2007 at 14:31:00 GMT-5  

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