Monday 17 September 2007

Wee Cal brought home the Rocketeer on Dvd. I'd forgotten what great fun that movie is. Made in 1991 it was the first movie based on the work of a comic-book guy of my own generation (Dave Stevens was born just two weeks ahead of me). Checking the Wiki entry I see it had a tough time making it to the screen, being first optoned in '85. It stands up well today. The comic book followed the traditional route from sinking ship to sinking ship, Eclipse to Comico, before landing at Dark Horse just as I was leaving. An editor once said to me that Stevens was the only artist he knew of whose work on a cover could guarantee a significant number of extra sales. I only ever spoke to Dave twice I think, both times in San Diego, once in an elevator and once in a hotel forecourt. I have some very dear friends that i've met almost as often. I wonder what he's doing now.



Blogger James Robert Smith said...

The Rocketeer: It didn't suck.

19 September 2007 at 00:40:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave Stevens (July 29, 1955 – March 11, 2008)

At the time of his death, Stevens was working on a career retrospective collection of his work to be titled Brush with Passion – The Life and Art of Dave Stevens from Spectrum Publishing

14 October 2008 at 17:58:00 GMT-5  

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