Monday 18 February 2008

Thanks to Richard Bruton I see that Alan Moore is interviewed at The WORD: 'Home of intelligent life on Planet Rock'.

"I do have quite an old and rare book called The Grimoire Of The Spirit Of The Place which purports to be written by "an old sea captain" and details how you can summon up and capture the local spirit using a pig – although apparently if you have the book you don't need to kill the pig, which is good. I might give that a try soon;...
It's fun to pick a rich line or two out of an interview. I was looking in an online collection of quotations recently and out of the corner of my eye I was astonished to find there were eighty three items under my own name. Jeez, they've only got 233 for Oscar Wilde. I can't possibly have been so wise and witty to have writ one third as many quotable gems as the mighty Oscar. Okay, let's see what they have under my name... oh dear, it's awful. What a sad bastard I must be. These are the only ones worth thinking about:

"I'm happy with it, the four issues I've done - or at least I'm writing the third one now." - -- Eddie Campbell

"I'm just drawing it now. It's totally revolting. I'm sure you'll love it." - -- Eddie Campbell

"It was in the eighties. I've sent all the bloody notes to Alan. But his special interest was treating women's problems with hysteria." - -- Eddie Campbell

"In his head he's very organised, in his day to day life it's a total disaster. Well, to an organised guy like me. I have to do two pages of book-keeping to go round the corner for a newspaper. " - -- Eddie Campbell

Put the twerp out of his misery.

Here's a better one, from the calendar on the desk here, which is Anne's. "Wild words from wild women." I've been using some quotes from this over the last couple of weeks.

"I may be the only mother in America who knows exactly what their child is up to all the time."- Barbara Bush, presidential parent.



Blogger Rick said...

The problem with these quote sites, aside from the fact that they apparently dip from a common pool of so-called quotes, is that they don't offer any context.

You could take it as a point of pride that you haven't been spouting sound-bites (although the needing-five-panels-to-scratch-a-bum one comes close, and is my favorite).

18 February 2008 at 08:35:00 GMT-5  

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