Monday, 7 April 2008

clearing up my shelves I came across this sketch I made on a beach a couple of years ago, of a girl who was standing on a rock at the water's edge. Ballpoint is my sketching tool of choice. The ink runs out at approximately the same speed as my eye uploads, and you can go light tentatively and then darker decisively. After the first sketch I realised the subject should have been the way the intense sunlight was falling vertically on the figure and quickly did a second one.


At Electronista ('gadgets for geeks'): Latest Blu-ray copy protection cracked

The latest effort at blocking unofficial copying of Blu-ray movies has been undone, the developers of a cracking utility claim. Any DVD adds the ability to bypass BD+ encoding, used on a number of discs to prevent either direct copying, or ripping to a hard drive. This change is said to particularly affect releases from 20th Century Fox, who have led the adoption of BD+, while other companies continue with variants of AACS... etc etc bla bla bla
The author of the above has chosen the From Hell DVD to illustrate his article. (link thanks to my pal Chalky White)



Blogger Matthew Adams said...

I have been using cheap papermate biro's for years to sketch with. It is the best way to get down something fast, and still have a nice line. I only wish the ink was blacker, and light fast, as the acid in the paper tends to turn it brown.

7 April 2008 at 03:01:00 GMT-5  

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