Tuesday 15 April 2008

"Iron Man was one of the most popular trailers of last summer, but controversy is sweeping the fan community today following the announcement that paramount pictures is planning to adapt the beloved trailer into a feature length motion picture. Apparently the plan is to expand that fast montage of very short shots you see in the trailer into full length scenes and in between those scenes they plan to add additional scenes that weren't in the trailer..."
The Video news at The Onion (where else?) via Hayley Campbell.
In the town where I live:
Handcuffed man steals police car

Police in the Australian city of Brisbane were left stranded and embarrassed after a handcuffed suspect drove off in their patrol car. They had put him in their unmarked vehicle and went round the back to look for some further evidence. Mr Nolan waited until they had gone, climbed into the driver's seat, started the engine and drove off.
(thanks for link to my pal Wayne Beamer)
Anyone who enjoyed my post of 12 March last year in which I wrote about The Humument, might like to know that its author, Tom Phillips, just dropped a note in the comments there.
"tom p (for it is he) says the best web version of a humument is www.humument.com (and new unpublished pages appear on my blog www.tomphillips.info) Meanwhile thanks for kind words eddie, and all of you & I'm still working on the next edition....
[A slideshow of the complete latest edition of A Humument is planned for www.humument.com any day now so do check back from time to time.]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having seen the movie adaptation of the trailer I was impressed, though a little disappointed it didn't have Black Sabbath playing over half its running time as the trailer did. Robert Downey Jr. is a fine actor and good for the role; perhaps this will be the boost he needs to move from acting in trailers to acting in movies full-time.

15 April 2008 at 21:49:00 GMT-5  
Blogger James Robert Smith said...

Is the IRON MAN movie out already?!

My son wants to go see it. Downey's a good actor. It might be fun.

You've got to admire a guy who would drive off with the police car after being cuffed and arrested. Barney Fife lives in Australia.

16 April 2008 at 12:04:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, congrats on the TP (for it is he) visitation!

16 April 2008 at 19:44:00 GMT-5  
Blogger spacedlaw said...

About Humument related things, I can't remember if you have already mention this guy or not?

22 April 2008 at 07:07:00 GMT-5  

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