Friday 2 May 2008

the home town paper of the Gordon lee case:

IN THE END, the only thing Leigh Patterson, the Floyd County district attorney, could do to Gordon Lee after more than three years of trying was turn him into a comic-book hero. Originally charged with six counts, including two felonies, after a child was inadvertently given a free handout comic containing nudity in a Halloween Broad Street giveaway, the case against Lee was down to two misdemeanors when dismissed in return for a written apology — which Lee had been willing to do all along. After one mistrial and numerous delays, the owner of Legends Comics winds up looking invincible and a national free-expression celebrity to boot (the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund raised more than $100,000 nationally on his behalf). Ms. Patterson, in turn, earned descriptions in national media as a sort of vindictive dark force and Floyd as an evil empire.
The comic in question, Alternative Comics No. 2, depicted a naked Pablo Picasso in full frontal view.
NOT TO SHOCK Ms. Patterson, or give her another cause for action, we saw the same thing in the flesh (though not Picasso) in an HBO prime time feature recently and suspect quite a few minors did, too, given this was in the context of a patriotic American history presentation. Watching it might even have been a school assignment for some...(more)

right, I'm off to Melbourne. If blogger's new 'scheduling' feature truly works, then a post will go up in my absence.



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I still think you should do a T-shirt with the drawing in that post...

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