Friday 12 September 2008

andrew Linstrom shows 'fifty incredible film posters from Poland.' Most interesting are the differences from their American counterparts. I'll pick a movie everyone is familiar with: The Empire Strikes Back:

Leif Peng shows the Film poster art of Mitchell Hooks.

The artist is now retired and his mid '80s. In his late career, when all the outlets for illustration were drying up and the whole trade was arriving in the doldrums, he apparently found a steady market with Harlequin romances. When I'm waiting for a bus outside Boswell Books I often peruse the covers of the romance books and wonder who painted them, what sort of artist and at what stage of his or her career.

Silent gig 'rocks' London
The Fun Lovin' Criminals have played their first ever 'silent' gig. Fans listened to the band through headphones at a club in Camden, London. (video)
(thanks to wee hayley campbell)

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