Monday 22 September 2008

a whole bunch of Campbelliana seems to have appeared overnight. The lovely Jessa Crispin is interviewing me at Bookslut. This took place on 29th July in Chicago. Brown Finch Films ( Check their excellent site), who shot the interview, also captured my 35 minute comedy routine. It's supposed to be a 'reading', but how do you read a comic book out loud? At one point I was galloping around pretending to be a horse. I'll let you know when they post some of it. Meanwhile, in the interview I mention our tv show which is in development. I'm almost ready to start telling you all about that here, and God knows how I've managed to keep it to myself for over a year. Things take forever in teleworld.

Two days after the above was shot, Chris Mautner interviewed me by phone in my New York hotel room and that's just gone up too. There are a couple of words that came out oddly due to my accent (Just been fixed), but what the hey. In these interviews I do tend to roll out a standard spiel, so if you've read one you may not want to read them all, but I do mention the tv show again here if you're fishing in that pond.
Otherwise should read Joe McCulloch's very poetic review of leotard.
My six page Constantine, from script by Pete Milligan is wrapped up and off to New York
And now I'm tired of reading about myself, so I think I'll see if my pal Dazzlin' White is available for lunch...

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Blogger Chris Mautner said...

I think any miswordings may be more due to my poor phone skills/poor phone in general that your accent. If there's something you want me to reword or clarify in the blog post though, just let me know.

22 September 2008 at 20:47:00 GMT-5  

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