Monday, 6 October 2008

OUR TV ADVENTURE, so far-part 4

the original plan that was put to me was for the production of six five minute short films. However, after initial tentative approaches to a network the producers were encouraged to think on a much bigger scale. Now we were talking about eight half hour episodes, which would involve coming up with a lot of extra material as there are no obvious half hour tv stories in After the Snooter or Fate of the Artist. The possibility of me playing myself was kicked around when it was five minute shows we were talking about, but now it was starting to look complicated.
For the time being at least it would have to be me in the photo-shoot that was organized for the purpose of making a promotional image to front the proposal. We had a brainstorming session to come up with a working title. For a while it was Eddie Campbell's Domestic Apocalypse, which is one of the assorted subtitles of Fate ("EDDIE CAMPBELL, his Domestic Apocalypse: The Fate of the Artist: An Autobiographical novel, with typographical anomalies, in which the author does not appear, as himself") but that was soon deemed too complicated. But for the time being, the image had to reflect the 'domestic' angle as well as being a combination of cartoon and photographed figure. This was the result (click on it for larger):

The proposal was successful and raised the capital necessary to take us into 'development,' which if it goes on too long gets to be referred to as 'development hell', but at the very least, for somebody accustomed to print-time, is a long sojourn in purgatory.
(more later)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

suits you.

6 October 2008 at 23:39:00 GMT-5  
Blogger spacedlaw said...

Love that picture (and the Snooter all snootery).

7 October 2008 at 03:46:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Matthew Adams said...

Hope it all works out, it looks pretty exciting so far.

7 October 2008 at 07:13:00 GMT-5  

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