Tuesday 3 March 2009

Bruno's art and sculpture garden

"Hidden amongst the lush rain forests North East of Melbourne, Victoria, is the rare jewel that is Bruno's art and sculpture garden."

"Unfortunately on the 7th of February 2009 a bushfire raged through the township, decimating everything in its path without mercy and claimed the lives of our friends and neighbours indiscriminately. Bruno was extremely lucky to survive and the rest of the family are safe and well."
Great website. Books and Dvds lost but hope to be replaced soon.

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Blogger spacedlaw said...

Amazing place, it must have been quite a magic garden.

3 March 2009 at 06:21:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie
Were you familiar with the place? It's been a few years since I was up at Marysville, but my mum was still visiting regularly until a couple of weeks ago of course. They are currently putting together a collection of photos of the place, I think for the historical society.

Been meaning to get in touch with you since Jon dropped me a line a few weeks back, but time gets away from me these days with an almost 4-month old to look after. Will send you an email soon though!


3 March 2009 at 08:36:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Eddie Campbell said...

Never been there, but was saddened to hear of the destruction. I'm surprised at the artist's resilience. he's going to put it all back together, he says..

4 March 2009 at 02:52:00 GMT-5  

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