Friday 6 March 2009

i love it. This guy's specialty is designing logos for British fried chicken takeaway establishments: (more photos at the link... how many variations can you get?)
Morris: MBC Signs started back in 1979, somewhere along that line. I used to work for a company by the name of Red Circus Signs in Harrow Road, but while working for them they moved out close to Heathrow airport and the distance was too far for me to travel. And so I got myself some premises in Kingsland Road and I set up from there.It was very hard for us to get in with some of the major fried chicken companies…the bigger boys don’t want to know. A lot of it was back-handers, he’ll stick with one company because he’s getting a ticket to Wembley or Wimbledon or something like that, and we were not in a position to make those sorts of offers. So the majority of work which we got was by recommendation from other people.
Siâron: So all the Perfect Fried Chicken and the bigger companies, that came in time did it?

Morris: Yeah, the chicken world or the fast food world started taking over in a big way about ten years ago, no the early 90s. A lot of people who were franchisees say from Kentucky Fried Chicken or something like that, maybe were feeling the squeeze. They feel as though they were working for Kentucky Fried Chicken and y’know Kentucky is so strict, whatever they says goes. And so a lot of them come out of the franchise because they know how to prepare the chicken and how to do that and what have you, a lot of them branch off and call themselves different names. So that’s why we get all these different names now. Some of them who’ve gone on like Sams Fried Chicken and things like that they’ve grown bigger and they’re now letting people use their name for which they charge a certain amount.

From Chris Breach in the first place. Hayley Campbell , who forwarded it says: "south london is 95% fried chicken. you want kebabs? you go north."
(update: see Hayley's other links in the comments)
I don't know if this is for real, but laugh anyway. Official Watchmen condoms. "We're society's only protection". And they're blue.



Blogger Hayley Campbell said...

This is also amusing.

Let it be said that impoverished folk enjoy fried chicken. Pick an area where impoverished folk live (Hackney, Whitechapel, Streatham), and you have yourself an area that Colonel Sanders wouldn't touch with a shitty stick. (If he did, he'd be shut down within minutes.) Let's assume that you've spotted this gap in the market and want to open up a horrible little hovel that sells fried litter disguised as fried chicken. How do you trade on the fame of KFC without actually using the KFC brand? Simple. Just follow these golden rules when designing your shop sign...

And while we're on the subject of big flobbery arses, here's something I should have found years ago but didn't.

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