Tuesday 6 October 2009

On Sept 7 I said the New Adventures of the Spirit was out that week. Very previous of me.

However, I just received a copy in the mail, so it does actually exist. Watch for it this week or next. Image above from a panel drawn by Ed Hillyer in Volume 1 of Bacchus, which I am currently compiling. I'll let you know when that one's not coming out too.

The Louvre has "permitted McDonald's to open an outlet practically in the museum":
The Giaconda's legendary watery half-smile will, if popular passion is believed, wince under the pervasive odour of Le Big Mac and associated McDonaldry as they float up through IM Pei's pyramid and make their insidious way through the palatial salons, up the grand staircase, under the armpits of the Winged Victory at Samothrace, left down the corridor and right up the Mona Lisa's left nostril. A stale kipper set before the Queen could not be a worse breach of protocol.
Having a google alert that tells me every time my name is mentioned on the internet, I find myself taking a sympathetic interest in the calamities that befall my namesakes: Man left homeless after Monday afternoon crash
FORT WALTON BEACH — After climbing out of his wrecked Chevy S-10 in the intersection of First Street and Perry Avenue, Eddie Campbell pulled out his broom and began sweeping up what was left of his life.
Campbell was heading east on First Street when the truck was hit by a Nissan Altima heading south on Perry Ave. Campbell said the other driver, who asked not to be identified, ran the red light. The Altima driver places said the same of Campbell.
The wreck left both drivers stranded.
Until Campbell’s Monday afternoon wreck, the East River Smokehouse Barbecue employee was living in his blue Chevy truck.
“I’ve been sleeping in my truck because I ain’t been able to get a house because it costs so much,” Campbell said...
"In a way, the story of Betty and Veronica is a demented combination of Ground Hog Day and the Myth of Sisyphus."



Blogger Eddie Campbell said...

Jamie S. Rich said...
You were only a week off on the Spirit. It came out the 16th. I've seen it in stores, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ;)

7 October 2009 at 02:03:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Eddie Campbell said...

Jaimie posted the above before I mucked around with the date and accidentally deleted everything)

Then I guess there's some other reason they're not all talking about it in the blogosphere.

7 October 2009 at 02:04:00 GMT-5  

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