Thursday 23 June 2011

Following the resounding success last August, the Graphic festival is on at the Sydney Opera house again this year. I wasn't blogging during that period, so here's a reminder of that marvelous event:

Neil Gaiman read his story Truth is a cave in the black Mountain with an accompaniment of music specially composed by string quartet Fourplay as well as a projection of my painted illustrations on a huge screen behind him. The above photo shows the scale of the thing, and was taken at the same-day rehearsal, if I recall correctly, by Peter Hollo of Fourplay. The show was performed again in Tasmania in January 2011 at the Mona Foma festival, and there is talk of taking it on the road. More news as it develops.

Meanwhile, I'm appearing at Graphic again this year, performing an entertainment in one of the studios. This is a FREE event, so everybody in the neighbourhood, or in town for Graphic, is expected to be there.


It possible to make money out of comics?

The subject is money. As explained with no authority whatsoever by a man who draws pictures for a living. Featuring unpublished illustrations, histrionics, humorous asides and totally useless information, including how Campbell became incorporated just so he could write and draw Batman, and what went wrong with that; how his accountant goes to work in a sarong and bare feet because he fancies himself as an artist. As well as his weeklong visit to the mysterious tropical island of Yap, to get the inside story of the ancient stone money for his next book.
Venue: Studio
Dates: Sun 21 Aug
Time: 12pm
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Other guests include the immortal Robert Crumb

Now it’s time for Australia to meet the man behind the myth in his first Australian appearance when he discusses his life and work with co-founder of Fantagraphics Books, Gary Groth.
Crumb is one of the most celebrated comic book artists in the world and has been hailed as a genius and a revolutionary. Though he never studied art nor had any formal teaching, he began drawing at an early age and became the founder of the Underground Comix movement and is now a highly collectable artist.

and also Jim Woodring, Peter Kuper and Scott McCloud.

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