Thursday 23 June 2011

Alan Moore interviewed in The Big Issue, Scotland:
... it was Moore’s early social rejection in his hometown that shaped his maverick personality. A working class boy from the Burroughs – the oldest and most deprived end of town – he had boundless faith in his own intelligence until he went to grammar school and found himself up against prep school kids who already had a smattering of Latin. “I suddenly realised that, no, I wasn’t the smartest boy in the world after all. It was just that I came from quite a dim neighbourhood, “ he recalls. “That blow to my ego probably precipitated my rejection of normal societal values and everything that followed.”
Later finding himself expelled from the same grammar school for selling LSD, Moore found himself unable to get any work at all, aside from at the local tannery – where light relief came in the form of throwing hacked off sheep’s testicles at each other. “That did make me realise that actually, I was kind of fucked.

My son, expressing a curiosity the other day, asked: "Alan did LSD didn't he?
My wife, not intending to be funny I think, answered: "Alan's done the whole alphabet."

Speaking of things that happened long ago, Warren Ellis has something in his Eye



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With gusto too, I should not wonder.

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