Thursday 25 August 2011

I've been easing back to normal after the weekend at the Sydney opera House. I'd say this year's Graphic was even better than last year's. I didn't think that was possible as there are not too many people in the comics biz with enough charisma to fill up a 2000-seat concert hall. This year Jordan Verzar went in the other direction. He signed up rising music star Gotye (Wally de Backer) and had animations created to accompany all the tracks form his brand new album, which was coordinated for a release on Friday last. By Monday Gotye was number ONE in the singles charts here with Somebody that I Used to Know. Now, You can't predict stuff like that coming to pass, but It sure as hell takes some special kind of insight. That part of the show was balanced on the Sunday by a preceding set of silent comics, by Woodring, Crumb, Kuper, Hunt Emerson (his moving and classic 'Buster Keaton and the city mouths' - i confess to a tear in my eye when I saw it come up), Nathan Jurevicius' amazing Scarygirl and more, set to specially composed music by Gotye, Fourplay, Plaid, Captain Matchbox and others. Included in the prodeedings was a screening of Shaun Tan's Oscar winning animated short The Lost Thing (With Live musical accompaniment!). A Great night out!

Faster-louder has a good review of the night with 25 great photos.

Here's Gotye's official video for the single. The gorgeous Kimbra appears with him in this duet. She stepped up for this number at the opera house. My pal Breach was down by the stage and held her cardigan.

And here is Kimbra's own single. I hear she's coming up for the Brisbane festival in September.

Jim Woodring, Scott McCloud and Peter Kuper all gave excellent presentations. I emptied out my camera when I got home but all I seem to have is a load of shots of fancy bathroom taps for future picture reference. It's a good job Breach had a passer-by take this one of me and him otherwise there would be no evidence that I was ever there.

Except for this shot by Karen Beilharz, in which I am just about to start my blatherings, a comedy routine based around stuff from my next book and other sources.

A bloody great event, and the absolute best there currently is in the whole comics-related field. The thing about other shows is that they are all about selling stuff, whether that's old comics, or the next tv show or movie coming down the pike. Graphic is about celebration, on-the-spot live entertainment, art and music, and going home with a grand and glorious feeling. I'd say they have established it well and truly as a permanent event. Mark it in your calendar.

And if anybody else has pictures, send us your links.

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Blogger ted mills said...

Thanks for turning me on to Kimbra. We'd have never heard her here in the States, I believe. Or at least I wouldn't have.

26 August 2011 at 12:07:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Matthew Adams said...

Looks like a fantastic event!

28 August 2011 at 18:43:00 GMT-5  

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