Friday 9 September 2011

I've only just seen this great comic published in connection with the Melbourne Writers festival. 24 big tabloid pages, and they gave away 35,000 of them on street corners and like places beginning 26 August. Editor Oslo Davis has photos from the streets. Stuart Geddes at The Thousands shows some of the pages. All the excellent Melbourne cartoonists are here with full or half pages, some in full colour, Shaun Tan, Nicki Greenberg, Bruce Mutard, Mandy Ord etc.
Jim Woodring was a guest at the show and has a page in here too, in which he notes:
“Autobio comics are tricky. If you make yourself look good you’re a jerk and the ‘Oh, I’m such a discombobulated but lovable klutz’ shtick is threadbare.”
A great idea all round. Somebody got it right at last.



Blogger Peeboo said...

Any Melbourne readers with a spare copy they'd like to send me?

10 September 2011 at 01:29:00 GMT-5  

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