Thursday 13 October 2011

New Steve Moore book coming up. Glycon has the gen.

The cover , which you can see at left, is by the amazing John Coulthart, who has long been a friend of this blog. I wrote about him specifically here.

John has just been celebrated in the latest issue of Eye magazine by design scholar Rick Poynor (mentioned in this blog on at least four previous occasions).
‘His blog is kind of like finding a first edition of the Necronomicon three to four times a week.’ I know how this writer at the Dangerous Minds website feels. He is talking about John Coulthart’s Feuilleton, an extraordinarily committed undertaking even by the standards of the most compulsive and sleep-deprived bloggers. Coulthart set out, in February 2006, to post an item every day and so far as I can tell from random searches in his archive, and incredible as it might seem, he has stuck to this arduous programme, though he does down tools at Christmas for a brief respite. more...
This week on his blog, John has discussed 15th century woodcut initials, the German feature film Die Farbe and a vandalized collection of books at the Islington library:
I was going to title this post “Fucked by Monty” but thought that might give the wrong impression. The phrase was one of several titles added to the cover of The Collected Plays of Emelyn Williams by Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell when they were happily defacing the books of Islington Library, London, in the early 1960s. Despite the outrage of the librarians at the vandalism most of the defaced books were put aside and are now prized items in Islington’s collection. This week the library announced an exhibition of the books, Malicious Damage: The crimes of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell. The Guardian has a gallery of the covers here (and there’s more at Joe Orton central), rare examples of what might be called “guerilla collage”. links and more



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