Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's plain rude to call someone a pervert
Imre Salusinszky From: The Australian August 10, 2011 1
The Sunday Telegraph story was the first I'd heard of Crumb's work not being allowed to be shown in Australia. In any event, you won't have to try very hard to view Crumb, as he is a regular in The New Yorker.

His work has also been included in the Carnegie International in Pittsburgh (the oldest annual exhibition of popular American art) and he has had career retrospectives at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany, and New York's Institute of Contemporary Art.

The New York Times described Crumb as "a draftsman of transcendent skill, inventiveness and versatility, a fearlessly irreverent, excruciatingly funny satirist of all things modern and progressively high-minded, and an intrepid explorer of his own twisted psyche".
Yesterday, The Australian reported Crumb has cancelled his Sydney visit. Apparently he didn't like being described as a pervert.

A toxic turn and safety fears soured cartoonist on visit
Sydney Morning Herald Aug 10
Crumb had said of the article: ''Where's all this come from? … This hasn't happened since the '70s.''



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, Eddie!


Jackie E.

10 August 2011 at 11:30:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Unknown said...

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10 August 2011 at 17:37:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Unknown said...

Often I feel like there are two Australias. The real one, out on the 'burbs. And the media/government one, the one that calls Crumb a pervert, doesn't believe in Global Warming and call the people escaping from war "boat people".

10 August 2011 at 17:37:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Eddie Campbell said...

Thanks, Jackie. long time no see.

David. Yes, there is real one out there.

10 August 2011 at 17:42:00 GMT-5  

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