Thursday, 21 June 2007

covers- BACCHUS no.20

A nother cover from our run of good ones around 1997, this one being for Bacchus # 20, Dec 1996. I was tickled by the situation with the tobacco industry, being legally obliged to spend one third of its product surface and advertising space telling people not to buy the product recommended in the other two thirds, and the way the industry gamely presses on under those and other constrictions. For a moment I thought we were MAD magazine, with Bacchus standing in for Alfred E. Newman. For the first sketch I stretched out an actual cigarette packet and glued a drawing of Bacchus plus a logo onto it. I always used to put a thick line around the sketch with a caligraphy marker when I used it as the solicitation image (1), to make it stand out in the crowded Diamond catalogue. For the finished cover I was thinking of the typographical arrangement of the slick magazine ads for cigarettes. I gave it to Pete Mullins to turn into a painting (2) and Mick Evans did the finished cover design (3), taking a notion to dull the image and put it slightly out of focus for an effect of queasiness. The cover was odd enough to stand out quite nicely on the shelf.
Our regular commenter Ben Smith noticed this because they used the photo of the gigantic condoms again, last linked to here when it tickled wee hayley campbell: India rattled by vibrating condom -By Jyotsna Singh -BBC News, Delhi-20 June
A vibrating condom has sparked a fierce debate in India, over whether it is a sex toy - which are banned - or a means of birth control. Hindu hardliners have held protests asking the government to ban its sale, though most people on the streets of the state refused to be drawn on the matter.
meanwhile the lass herself is off to see Grinderman. Honeybee, we'll have to make do with youtube.

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Blogger Hayley Campbell said...

Nothing makes me quite as happy as seeing four middle-aged beardy men shouting 'HONEYBEE!'

A fucking excellent gig. After Grinderman's set, Suicide (who'd supported) came out and played with them. Hoodathunkit.

A Very Happy Wee Campbell Who Can't Hear a Thing Today.

21 June 2007 at 03:31:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myyy earrrs arrre stilll rrringgingg tooooo.

Customers keep on having to wave at me to get my attention. Very fun.

Don't think anything came close to seeing Cave sing Heigh ho at the disney thing on sunday, though.

I was meaning to ask - is honeybee an Australian thing? I've never heard it, apart from Grinderman and Campbell...


21 June 2007 at 07:25:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Hayley Campbell said...

You're right. Nick doing 'Heigh Ho' will live on as one of my favourite live music moments in the history of, er, me. I wish someone would hurry up and youtube it. Is it possible that no one recorded it?

Warren Ellis was utterly lovable. And Jim Sclavunos' pink suit was brilyint.

Ah, I want to go again. This time I'll stab that girl in the eye with her stupid hair chopsticks because she deserves it.

I liked the way that Aussie guy in the crowd interrupted me to say 'I'm sorry, did you just say Machine Gun Fellatio split up?'
'I did!'

A bonding moment, it was. Brings a tear to the eye, it does.

21 June 2007 at 08:03:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Hayley Campbell said...

Funny you should pick that cover, incidentally. Here in sunny London we're a mere week and a half away from The Dreaded Ban. Soon the health campaigners will realise what evil they have wrought when they discover, much like the Australians did, that pubs without cigarette smoke smell like the very arse of Beelzebub. Sweat, stale beer, mouldy carpets, dust, wet newspapers and steaming coats.

And piss. Lots of piss.

21 June 2007 at 08:11:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason(s) I loathe and abominate pubs in one fetid nutshell.

Nick Cave + Suicide sounds like a compelling marriage made in hell. Fun, in other words.

21 June 2007 at 15:50:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Eddie Campbell said...

I googled 'honeybee' and the first thing listed that wasn't about bees or the name of a certain robotics company was a movie titled 'Honeybee' (2001, USA) about a black female boxer.
last time the subject came up our US commenter CHris Moonlight asked the same question. I asked my father in law, who is of course Australian. He was sure it wasn't partcularly Australian and tried to recall some lyrics from old American songs and the subject frazzled out and we ended up singing drunkenly. I think the answer is that it's an old time term of endearment that is obsolete everywhere except for inside a couple of heads that are not securely anchored to the here and now. I thought I got it from the wife of my bosom, but she says she used to call me 'honey' and she can't recall how it got extended.
Maybe it's just me and Cave. Bet ya it's everywhere by the end of the year. That and the ukelele.
next question: 'wife of my bosom'?

21 June 2007 at 16:39:00 GMT-5  
Blogger spacedlaw said...

The ukulele has ALREADY made its way to London (Hayley saw one in the subway some weeks ago).
And honeybee is a cute expression. With a sting. I like that...

22 June 2007 at 02:27:00 GMT-5  

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