Saturday 30 June 2007

covers- DHP no. 94

A Dark Horse Presents cover from the period when they dispensed with the sidebar (starting #91) and the covers were open and spacious, well except I've crowded in a bunch of skulls where the sidebar used to be. The signature is dated the month after the ones I showed yesterday. The cover goes with the first part of a serial of six ten-page chapters that ran monthly in DHP, Feb-July 1995, immediately following the miniseries I showed yesterday (Dec-Feb) and overlapping the The Bacchus color special (Apr) and launch of my own imprint (May). My entry into self publishing, or Campbell's world takeover as it was referred to around our house, was nothing if not impeccably planned. Hellblazer was in there too, Jan-Apr, and volumes seven and eight of From Hell in Nov and April. There were a couple of other things too, so that roughly speaking we had three outings per month over a seven month period, from four different publishers. It's no wonder I thought I needed help. Nevertheless, the main figures on this one look like my own pencilling and inking. I must have run out of patience and asked Pete Mullins to finish off the skull headed villains. I could never take that kind of thing seriously, even if this outing was more mock than heroic, though always played straight-faced.
I'd forgotten there was a pencil rough for this one until yesterday. There must have been a colour guide too, though I can find no record of it, as the Eyeball Kid is wearing the hat worn by my son age 2, and they wouldn't have otherwise known it was supposed to be white.
hayley campbell linked me to CBS News: Dangerous Bomb Deactivated.
As for Londoners, the chances of something like this sending London into a panic are about zero. In 2005, Slate's David Plotz happened to be in London on 7/7 and noted, within a couple of hours of the attacks, "When I walked by the Queen's Larder Pub, not half a mile from the Tavistock Square wreckage, at 11 a.m., a half-dozen men were sitting together at a sidewalk table, hoisting their morning pints of ale. Civilization must go on, after all."
Hearty bunch, those Brits.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I've just walked into central London on Saturday at 4.30pm after buses were diverted away from Green Park, and what for what reason I wonder...terrorism? Nope, what I found in Picadilly and Soho were thousands of people out on the very same streets that were closed yesterday, and all there in the name of Gay Pride.
That's some kind of town.

Ben Smith

30 June 2007 at 11:24:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Hayley Campbell said...

...and in the pissing rain to boot!

Ah, London.

30 June 2007 at 12:54:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manchester Pride often gets rained on, despite them holding it in August. They could call it Wet Pride but that would make it sound like er.....a fetish event.

Some good pics of the London march on Flickr, like this one:

30 June 2007 at 15:04:00 GMT-5  
Blogger James Robert Smith said...

Who would win in a fight? The Eyeball Kid, or Kirby's Thor?

30 June 2007 at 21:13:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Proof once again that comics aren't for kids, this blog gets an NC-17 rating here:

"This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: hell (19x), death (5x), crap (2x), shit (1x)."

Mine received the same but for different reasons. Rather peeved I didn't get an XXX actually...

30 June 2007 at 23:02:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Steve said...

I guess we're kinda used to people wanting to blow us up by now.

Got to say I really like that pencil sketch, there seems a lot more oomph in, um, you know I've forgotten her name now, the one that Joe got together with, was she an Amazon or something, memory fails me now. You've angled her head in the finished shot to better suit, the posture and movement couldn't support that angle, but I just prefer that angle in the sketch. Eyes are funny buggers.

1 July 2007 at 08:34:00 GMT-5  

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