Saturday 7 July 2007

About drawing paper. (part 5)

This is a paper I used quite a lot though The Black Diamond Detective Agency. I thinks it's supposed to be a mounting board. It comes in bright grey, bright gold and dull green, and perhaps others. I used those three. It has distinctive arbitrary-seeming marks through it which remind you of the patterns in stone marble. I liked the notion that Fate had already put marks on the page before I got there, and thaat thses marks, random as they may be, could not help but have an influence on all the decisions that I would make. The page at left is one where I left a great deal of the original paper showing, to give the reader a clue as to what might be afoot, to let them in on the game if they wanted to try and follow the moves. I was surprised how sweetly this card took the watercolour paint. Absorbtion was slow and it was a very pleasing surface to work on. The example below shows the bare paper next to the applied colour. And below that Is a scan I made of the back of the same page, showing the scope of this marbled pattern across the whole surface. That's the 'green' selection.

Condom testers wanted."To apply, simply explain why you think you're right for the position (missionary is acceptable)..."

Today's post may be up later than usual as we are off to a wedding. And If I forget to put it up altogether, apologies. I'm either three sheets to the wind or testing condoms.

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Blogger James Robert Smith said...

Gorgeous work. I still have yet to buy the book.

(The guy in the "Wanted" poster looks like our billionaire's son mentally retarded mass-murdering President here in the States.)

7 July 2007 at 15:58:00 GMT-5  
Blogger drjon said...

After finding a copy of "The Train Was Bang On Time" during a recent trip to Melbourne, I picked up the last copy of Black Diamond in Ace a couple of weeks ago. Although I found the story a bit hard to follow (sorry) I must say I enjoyed the artwork very much, and was very pleased to have bought the book.

7 July 2007 at 16:33:00 GMT-5  

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