Friday 12 October 2007

"But let me caution experimenters and would-be shitheads"

This is a passage from the second page. it's probably worth noting that the book was released in 1971.

We started everything young in the hills of southern New Mexico: smoking at ten, hunting at eleven, driving at twelve, drinking at fourteen, and if you were a virgin at sixteen you didn't admit it. As for me, I started inhaling at ten, but in every other respects pretty well followed the norm, including being a virgin at sixteen and denying it. We even had pot. A coarse grade of it proliferated as a local weed, along with skunk cabbage, morning glories and stinging nettle. personally, I shied away from marijuana, having been convinced by the Reader's Digest and other medical authorities that the stuff wa saddictive and would lead straight to hard drugs such as heroin, which was not indigenous and would cost money- a rare item among farm and ranch kids in the eraly thirties. (Once I concocted a sort of reefer, using coffee grounds, dried horse manure, and it gave intersting sensations: lightheadedness, nausea and a touch of magalomania. But let me caution experimenters and would-be shit-heads- there is no other possible word for it- that our horses ate mostly alfalfa hay and that thier offerings lay baking for weeks under a dry Southwestern sun. Satisfaction is likely to be less than complete in other climates.
© Bill Mauldin. 1971

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you mentioned this book. I read it at least once a year. Mauldin was a great cartoonist and it's wonderful to read about his development as an artist. How many cartoonists had to face a critic like Patton? Not many I bet. Recommended for all artists, cartoonists, young and old.

Love your's fearless.

13 October 2007 at 01:39:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was waiting for someone else to post. I'm kinda glad i did. on that recommendation and the interest the extract sparked i'm going to buy and read it.

I must say I am very glad to have met you Eddie - your blog is giving me much reading enjoyment.

13 October 2007 at 02:37:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Christopher Moonlight said...

We had the good stuff out here, but I never touch it anymore. My friend and I did once pass around banana once to see if anyone would notice.

13 October 2007 at 11:57:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Christopher Moonlight said...


13 October 2007 at 11:58:00 GMT-5  
Blogger lennardg said...

Interesting - Anyone else who thinks Mauldin's "Back Home" is actually a a nice book too?

13 October 2007 at 15:38:00 GMT-5  
Blogger mrjslack said...

You've gotta love a guy that would quaff root beers with Snoopy every veterans day.

13 October 2007 at 17:20:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Eddie Campbell said...

you went from being a character in my my blog to a reader of it in no time at all. thanks.

'Back Home'. No, that is not among the three mauldin books on my shelf. will check it out

15 October 2007 at 16:55:00 GMT-5  

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