Wednesday 7 May 2008

department of stuff found in pocket:
one beermat, Squires' Amber Ale. I just love this piece of design. And the beer's not half bad either. You may not be like me, a fellow who could be persuaded to choose one airline over another based on something as inconsequential as the beer they serve inflight. If you are, note that Qantas now offers both the Amber and Golden Ales from the Squires range, in the can, and on most flights I think there's a charge. But then again, you might crash anyhoo, in which case money will be of no use to you.

Before I leave the subject of my sojourn in Melbourne. On the plane, Dan in Real Life (from last October, but released here in feb 2008), a great movie, starring Steve Carrel, with a set of bloody brilliant songs by a fellow new to these ears, Sondre Lerche. Now, I don't mention music here much because the current lot of it bores me to tears with all its falseness of phrase and pose and dress, but I'm climbing on this guy's bandwagon. Here's an interview from last October and here he is singing 'Modern nature.' He also sings it on-screen in the final scene of the movie, but don't go looking for that or you'll spoil the ending.

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Blogger Christopher Moonlight said...

Yes. Design. Design? I'm giving myself a crash coarse in it, by starting my own magazine. I thought to myself, "I want people to keep flipping though it, even if they never read a word." It's an art mag, so that would kind of be okay. The funny thing about design is it's like a pretty girl. Most people don't care what makes the girl pretty. They just know that they want to get closer to her. Content is secondary at that point. A very pretty girl can get by for ages with a bloke, with zero content at all.

8 May 2008 at 01:36:00 GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ed,

Thanks for the tip on Carell's "Dan." The reviews on this side of the pond were iffy, but almost pulled the trigger for Juliette Binoche alone...

Question: Will 1st/2nd be selling hardback editions of "Leotard" at San Diego?


8 May 2008 at 09:37:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Eddie Campbell said...

hardcovers? I'm hoping yes. but I'm trying to get the to stop giving them away at stupid prices.

8 May 2008 at 16:05:00 GMT-5  
Blogger Austin Kleon said...


Thanks so much for recommending DAN IN REAL LIFE. I can't believe it didn't get better reviews. Great music, likable wife and I loved it.


- Austin

16 May 2008 at 22:46:00 GMT-5  

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