Monday 28 May 2007

comic book craft

scripts (1) (2) (the example of Alan Moore in From Hell, and my observations on same)
Drawing paper (what to do it on.)
balloons (word balloons, they come first)
stages (from pencil rough to finished picture)
composition (putting it together pictorially)
markmaking (things used for putting ink on the page.)
inking (the more conventional conversion of rough art to 'line art')
zipatone (those old fashioned shading screens)
colouring (on computer nowadays)
covers (1) (2) (problems and solutions, from my own anecdotes. including notes on reproduction problems and self publishing)
logos (putting the title on it)
Fumetti (photos instead of drawings)
rules (toward a rhetoric of the art of comics. Commanding the art of expressing yourself in the most effective way.)



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