Wednesday 19 December 2007

stuff noted of late.

Man with curvy babe tatooed on his shin gets implants on his leg to make it look more realistic. Lane Jensen, editor of a body art and tattoo magazine, even sat up to watch most of the operation and is reported to be happy with his new breasts.
(thanks to my pal Best)
Grim Reaper arrested after drunken night. A drunken man wearing a "Grim Reaper" costume was arrested in England after an action-packed night in which he got stuck in boggy sand, lost his trousers, snuck into a Town Hall and eventually soiled his underwear.
"This has been the cause of a great deal of embarrassment for him," his defence lawyer told Lancaster Magistrates' Court.
(thanks to my pal mr j)
Artist Theo Jansen studied science at the University of Delft in Holland. After sticking to painting for seven years, he embarked upon a project with a flying saucer - which really flew. It flew over the town of Delft in 1980, drawing the people into the streets and sending the police into pandemonium. For about the last ten years he has been busy with the creation of a new nature - not with pollen or seeds, but with plastic yellow tubes. He makes skeletons which are able to walk in the wind. Eventually he wants to put herds of these animals out on the beaches to live their own lives.
Go and look at the videos. These 'strandbeests' are kinetic sculptures that can walk, unassisted, just by catching a bit of wind in raised sails. They have rudimentary brains in the form of binary step counters and bottles to catch liquid. In the effect of a storm, the 'beests lower their sails and drive pins into the ground so they don't blow away. Jansen has likened this method of transportation to the wheel, and, using his new technique, created the 2.8 ton "animaris rhinoceros transport," which could be moved easily by one person simply pushing it.
(thanks to wee hayley campbell)