Thursday 1 September 2011

Great official gallery of photos of the Graphic festival, including this one of me doing my wealth investment seminar. This is the point at which all the money is blowing out the window. You can see the anguish on my strained visage.

They've fixed it so you mustn't steal them, so I figure I can only get away with stealing one of myself, but there are good shots of Jim Woodring and Scott McCloud and some of those great musicians we met over the weekend. There's a superb one of Gotye and Kimbra singing onstage. With his Somebody that I used to know already number one in the singles charts here in Australia, Gotye's Making Mirrors went straight into the album charts at Number one. I've been listening to it here today. The track titled State of the art has a great little animated video in a retro fifties style.

I've been so wrapped up in a piece of work that I didn't notice that photo gallery was online. More posts on less conceited topics coming up.