Saturday 19 July 2008

the magnificent stand-up comic Lenny Henry played one sell-out night in Brisbane, last night. The old lovable energetic craziness is still there, as you can see in his appearance on Australian Rove's tv interview.

However I was very impressed with what I take to be a new element in his work, a cunning structural organisation that turns the two hours into a singular resonating experience. That and a growing confidence to address life's bigger issues in his comedy; birth and death and everything in between are here. He does a sequence of character monologues, which interconnect, though you don't realise that at first. In one of these he plays one of his regular cast patrolling the edge of a minefield in Iraq, and he pulls it off perfectly. Lenny reads the comics, and somehow I've managed to miss making his aquaintance over the last twenty five years. We put that right at last night when the hotel restaurant stayed open and we sat around for an hour and a half. He's in New Zealand now, look for him there. I think it's Christchurch 25th , New Plymouth 26th.


Friday 18 July 2008

at last I have a copy of the latest volume of the Italian edtion of my Bacchus, the seventh, being King Bacchus, and it looks very pleasing. I like the way they've placed the image in the space. The picture is one we drew for Bacchus #8 way back in late 1995, though I had to colour it afresh for this outing. Pete Mullins coloured it the first time around. He also drew approximately half of it. The book came out earlier in the year, so if you're in Italy you may have already seen it.
in other news, the New York CBLDF event is now cemented. See link from sidebar.

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Thursday 17 July 2008

there's one item in my tour that remians to be detailed. that's the 'evening wth Eddie Campbell' in New York under the auspices of the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund. My pal Chalky White just asked me: is this one of those where Campbell has a sulk and goes home early? I told him no; this isn't just any old regular evening with Eddie Campbell, this should be a special one in which he sticks it out for the duration. Mr Brownstein of the fund supplies this note:
"we're going to be doing it at the Village Pourhouse, 64 3rd Ave at 11th Street. Still nailing down time, but looks like 7:30 to 11 PM."
More precise details when confirmed, which hopefully will be tomorrow when he realises i've gone and published the half-assed version. Meanwhile, for all other details of my tour, scroll down or link from the sidebar. The Page 45 promotional presentation is very elaborate and worth a minute or two of your time even if you're not going.

"He's the talk of the town!

The star of the show!

The soup of the day!..."


Wednesday 16 July 2008

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even when I was looking at the photographic stuff Youka Nitta obviously sourced (It no longer appears to be accessible, but try for yourself) when drawing her books, I wasn't moved to any feeling that she was stealing anything. However, she has been shamed into putting her drawing pens away and throwing herself at the mercy of the court.

(translated by 'Gia')"Lately, I’ve been been facing the recent copyright issues, and I truly regret the situation.
I recognize that I have used skillful photos in my illustrations, thoughtlessly infringing their copyrights. But this time everyone pointed it out, and it’s making me reflect on what it means to be a mangaka. To the copyright owners of the photographs and all readers of Youka Nitta’s works, I apologize whole-heartedly.
My thoughtlessness wasn’t detected while I was growing, but now I’m seriously aware of the indiscretions I’ve committed. I am sorry to the utmost. The criticisms I’m receiving are the consequences of my own actions, and I am prepared to receive them. I’m looking at all e-mails and letters from my readers, and the people who are helping me get through my shameful condition have left me in tears.
From here on, I am I am ceasing my writing activity and continuing to make sincere amends to the copyright holders, looking hard at my foolishness and trying to mend my mistakes. It was truly inexcusable."
The casual browser may be astonished to know that we are only talking about comic books, or 'manga' to be precise, since 'comic book' should be regarded as an American idiom.
(as opposed to the design for the new BMW or a two billion dollar submarine, before one of my regular arguers accuses me of being snobby)


my pal Lee Slattery has just finished putting his Everyone Loves the Lizard man online. This used to run as a serial in Deevee at the same time as my How to be an Artist. Also, he has coloured the whole thing. It's brilliant.

(in the scroll that opens for the five chapters watch out for the numbering, as I don't think they appear in correct order)


Tuesday 15 July 2008

the Semana Negra festival is currently underway in Gijon, Spain. There was talk of me going this year, but I couldn't coordinate it with the rest of my tour which starts next week. They're casting a spotlight on 'autbiographical comics'. Here is the cover of the booklet that goes with it, with a panel from How to Be an Artist. The wife of bosom says they got it right on all three counts. I wrote about my previous appearance at the Semana Negra and the wonderful cider of Asturias in a post last October.


the Dan Best who co-wrote Leotard is not to be confused with the Dan Best who writes the 20th century Danny Boy blog, linked from here more than once. The two recently met in Brisbane and were photographed (our guy is on the left, and that's Dan Best on the right) in our regular drinking spot, as explained by Dan Best.



San Diego Comic Convention

Thursday, JULY 24--12:30-1:30pm

ROOM 3—Spotlight on Eddie Campbell --Comic-Con special guest Eddie Campbell talks about his books, including From Hell, The Fate of the Artist and his latest, due for release at Comic-Con, The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard, His co-writer on the latter, Dan Best, will also be on hand to answer questions.
Friday, JULY 25--2:00-3:00
ROOM 3- The World of 'Graphic Novels'-- Alex Robinson (US, Too Cool to be Forgotten), Nick Abadzis (UK, Laika) and Comic-Con special guests Rutu Modan (Israel, Exit Wounds), Eddie Campbell (Australia by way of Scotland, The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard), and Adrian Tomine (US, Shortcomings), along with our moderator, good ol' American Tom Spurgeon ( as they discuss 'graphic novels' and why they make the world go 'round. (Quoted from the latter's own blog, with apotrophes added)


Monday, July 28th-7:00 pm
--Quimbys Bookstore talk/reading and Q&A, 1854 West North Avenue, Chicago IL 60622.
Tuesday, July 29th --7:30 pm--
Bookslut Reading Series—reading/talk, q&a and signing at Hopleaf.


Wednesday, July 30th----7:00 pm--
McNally Robinson Bookstore—talk, q&a and signing. 52 Prince Street, NY 10012.
Thursday, July 31st- 6:00 pm--
“An Evening with Eddie Campbell” sponsored by The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Talk and booksigning at location TBD.

Sunday 3rd August--1.30pm to 3.30pm
Page 45, 9 Market Street, Nottingham, NG1 6HY

You can get more info on all of these by linking from the sidebar.